Curious about something?

Grab a box of tissues cuz your not gonna like the ending to gurren lagann. from Anonymous

whyyyyyyy would you saaaaaay that D:

Hey Brigid, I noticed that in your final version of the painting with the awesome sky and clouds and a building on the side, there isn't a tree in the upper left hand corner like there was in the WIP shot. What happened to it? And how do you make compositional decisions like that? (What's your method to find a good composition, period?) from Anonymous

oh, well that image is cropped! it’s a detail shot of the full painting, so the tree that you’re remembering is actually still there.

but i totally see your question- a lot of editing happens in between the thumbnail and the final product. i had to tweak the silhouettes on that particular painting a lot. finding a good balance to a composition is tricky… i depend pretty heavily on angles and mirror them throughout my compositions to make them seem more cohesive- probably because i’m more intuitive with lines rather than color. color theory continues to elude me *dramatic sigh*

i could go more into constructing a good composition, but my brain is pretty fried right now.

Can you explain the Asian Harry thing? from Anonymous

i keep getting questions like this

what’s to explain?

if you still feel the urge to send me another message about it, refer to this post

and there was another post floating around, just stating that Harry’s race is never really delved into. people online have really explored the concept, which caught my attention.

illustrations aside, the books don’t tell us his skin color. so it’s pretty great to have that kind of freedom to interpret him as another race. and it’s not unrealistic for Harry to be of south asian descent, which i’ve worked into my design of him.

Will we be able to meet you at your art show? from Anonymous

yeaahhhh!!! yeah! yeah! i’ll be at the reception!! :D

Hi! What are some good romcom animes to watch? from Anonymous


haha i actually haven’t watched too many, but that’s my fave genre, no matter how embarrassed i am to admit that

Toradora! - High schoolers Taiga and Ryuuji make a deal to help each other out romantically. Taiga has a crush on Ryuuji’s best friend, and vice versa for Ryuuji with Taiga’s best friend. It’s adorable and hilarious and definitely one of my all-time favorites. (the manga is also perfect <3)

Servant x Service - Anime about public servants?? Lucy is a new employee at a government office building, along with slacker Yutaka and sweet Saya. It’s a really goofy one, but I enjoyed it.

Kimi ni Todoke - TWO PEOPLE ARE SUPER INTO EACH OTHER BUT MANAGE TO MISUNDERSTAND ONE ANOTHER COMPLETELY. If you’re a masochist, you’ll like this one. Plus, Sawako (the main character) is an angel, I love her.

Fruits Basket - Tohru, a naive and sweet girl, somehow gets involved with a family that has a big secret. The whole family falls in love with her. soooooOOOOOO funny, I laughed through the whole thing (but it’s also really emotional as well?? ho w???)

Ouran High School Host Club - Haruhi, a scholarship student at fancy Ouran Academy, gets tangled up in the Host Club: a group of boys who “entertain” the girls at school. Genuinely hysterical.

Angel Beats! - Otonashi, who has no memories of his life after dying, wakes up at a high school that’s acting as a limbo for young people. He meets Yuri and the rest of the Afterlife Battlefront, who refuse to accept the cruel fates God made them experience in life. The entire cast of characters is fantastic, and while it’s one of the funnier shows i’ve seen, it gets REALLY REALLY SAD. So, just a warning.

Love, Chuunibyou, and Other Delusions - Yuuta has moved on from his junior high days, when he had “chuunibyou” or “eighth-grader syndrome.” He is endlessly embarrassed by his past and wants to start high school fresh, but he meets Rikka, a delusional girl who becomes attached to him, insisting he is the Dark Flame Master. It’s really cute, honestly.

there are more, ones that overlap into other genres, but that should be good for now. c:

EDIT: I FORGOT Tamako Market and Haruhi Suzumiya!!!

(basically anything by Kyoto Animation)

W-w-w-wait, how did you know someone was going through your tags through notifications? from Anonymous

oh haha don’t worry! i usually can’t tell- but if someone likes a lot of my posts all in a short period of time, and they’re all drawings i’ve done of, say, Harry Potter- all the notifications happen in a row on my dash.

it makes me happy! i hope you’re not embarrassed or weirded out. lol i get a lot of sporadic notifications, so it’s rare that i see it happening. but it’s pretty cool when it does.

When and where is your art show coming up? If it would be okay to come and see. Your work is so beautiful I would love to see it in person, and probably others would too! Have a lovely day! from Anonymous

actually, i want to make an official post about my show on my main blog- i’d love for anyone in the area to come and see it!

quick info for now: my paintings will be up by the 28th this month, and the closing reception is May 9th (not sure about what time that evening yet). my gallery is located on University of Dallas’ campus in Irving, Texas. i’ll be able to give out more specific directions and info in the next few days, but for now, that’s what i can tell you.

please consider coming out to see it!!! i’m so happy you sent me this message and showed some interest. thank you! <333