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Sep 22 at 09:03PM
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Anonymous: How did you learn anatomy? Drawing from life? Tutorials online? College?

all of the above!


Anonymous: different anon- but was dumbledore really grooming him for death if he tried to figure out other ways to do defeat voldemort, without having harry murdered and putting it off until when harry was fourteen he knew that harry was going to live and just had to /think/ he had to die so he could get rid of the horcrux? plus not telling him he had a horcrux in him wasn't a bad idea cuz look what happened when harry thought voldemort was possessing him what if he knew he had a piece of his soul in him

man you reblog one post that implies Dumbledore wasn’t a saint…

a lot of things that Dumbledore did in the series made me angry (who WASN’T frustrated with him in the last couple books), which is why i thought that post was somewhat valid. but i’ve never claimed that he didn’t have Harry’s best interest in mind, i know he admired and cared for Harry. 

i think it will always feel a little off to me that Harry named his son after Dumbledore (and Snape, but that’s another discussion) sorry. i suppose that speaks more to Harry’s boundless sense of compassion than anything else, which is how i justify it. 

Sep 22 at 02:24PM
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so many people have been telling me this and i just- it makes me so-

Sep 22 at 02:21PM
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Anonymous: Have you read PJ's Greek Gods?

not yet! i’ve been pretty tied up lately :c

Sep 22 at 02:18PM
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Anonymous: Do you recommend taking a semester/year abroad in college?


i had the best time of my life traveling abroad 10/10 would recommend

Anonymous: fine, but let me tell you why seeing you reblog dumbledore-hate, because that's what that was, bothered me. Imagine if someone you admired wrote or reblogged a ginny post which basically said "ginny was a mary-sue who didn't loved harry but only "The Boy who Lived" you feel shitty right? because that person you admired wrote/reblogged something that vilified a character you Love. That's how I feel with all these BS posts about Dumbledore seeings harry only as a "tool" which JKR said he did not.


but i’ll tell you something too- i DO have friends (whom i admire) with very different opinions from mine, and amazingly, when they say things i don’t agree with about a fictional series, you know what i DON’T do? throw a fit. 

Sep 22 at 02:08PM
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Anonymous: I just got the society6 stuff i bought like a month ago!!!! And its even prettier live!!!


Sep 22 at 02:06PM
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Anonymous: Do you use Paint Tool Sai? If you do, I wanted to ask how you color your scanned drawings. Like how you get coloring to not go over the lines?

i have a post explaining that here

Sep 22 at 02:03PM
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Anonymous: here's an anime suggestion, if u want! :D angel beats! is amazing and the music is beyond beautiful...

i love that show!!! it made me cry, it was so emotional ahhh

Anonymous: Rowling herself said that Dumbledore Cared and loved Harry, even if his way of showing it was flawed. So don't fall onto the godamn fandom bandwagon of thinking dumbledore heartless and didn't caring about harry. Because Rowling created dumbledore and she thought him A Good person.

please chill. 

if i find an aspect of someone’s analysis of Dumbledore interesting or insightful and, god forbid, i reblog it, i don’t think that warrants a sardonic tongue-lashing from a stranger. to clarify: i’ve never supported the idea that Dumbledore was heartless. you really shouldn’t take things on the internet at face value.