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artloveseveryone: Do you ship Odin with Ava? (I was just wondering)


i tried so hard not to. i swear i did fight it.

Jul 24 at 01:23PM
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Anonymous: Hi there, Burdge! I've got a question and it would mean a lot if you answer that, cause I'm feeling a bit down lately. I'm trying to draw, but now I feel like nothing I do is good enough or just okay to even show it to someone else, I don't know what to do. And I hate this feeling. You're one of the most important artists I look up to, because no matter what you are posting your sketches, new stuff, experimenting with new media... Have you ever felt like that?

i have! i totally know the feeling. you’re not alone. 

there are two sides of the advice i can give you.

the first is to step away from the artwork. lol give yourself a break! sometimes when artists get caught up in a block, they try to force out good work and the frustration just builds and BUILDS until you’re scratching out things and tossing them. if you’re already in a negative head space, you can’t really trust yourself to make inspired work, can you? so, back away. take a deep breath. then go watch a really good movie, hang out with your friends, listen to an inspiring album, read your favorite book. take some time away from the mental studio.

then, you can go back to it with clear eyes. the second part of my advice is to try something different. i’ve used this before to explain my point, but Einstein said that insanity was doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. artists are definitely insane, because we kinda do that to improve a specific thing, but i digress. use a new medium! switch it up a little. draw a new subject! try a new technique. it might open up possibilities that you dismissed before. 

i also wanna say that you should never expect art to always just… flow. it’s not easy. for anyone, professionals and amateurs. it’s always hard work and you’re almost always going to find something wrong with what you make. 

just don’t let that diminish your experience with it. art should help you grow and express yourself! it’s annoying sometimes, for sure, but don’t be so hard on yourself. <3

Jul 24 at 12:53PM
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Anonymous: Do you keep all of your old art? Like, all the art that you think is horrendous? I just drew a picture and I'm not sure wether to keep it for the future, or just toss it.

DON’T toss it! 

it might be a little annoying to find a place for your old stuff, but you will thank yourself later. it’s hard to explain the feeling you get when you find them in years to come- like, you’re appalled that you used to draw like that, but also you get a rush of pride for all the improvement you’ve made!! so, if anything, keep it for comparison. and as an example for what you need to work on. at least, that’s my experience. 




Anonymous: PSA: I don't know if you took it this way, but "When Marnie was There" is based on a book, and it is not possible for the two girls to be lesbians due to a major spoiler. This is just for the wide rumors on tumblr that this is Ghibli's first "representation" in film, and it is not true. Spread the news in the hope that not too many people go into the film with the wrong idea, and are outraged with Ghibli for not "representing lesbians" when they couldn't have AND stayed true to the book.


well, that’s… a bummer wow.

Jul 21 at 10:30PM
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Anonymous: I was just wondering if there any possibility of decreasing your international shipping cost? Even by like 2 or 3 pounds? I appreciate that you need to make money, but I do have two of your pictures in my basket! I'm sorry if this is really rude btw

It’s not rude at all! I understand your concern about it. I am all about you guys saving money where you can, especially when you’re kind enough to do business with me.
The fact of the matter is, the price I have on my shop for shipping internationally is legitimately what I pay the post office to ship the drawings to you. I guarantee tracking and insurance on the shipment, which comes out to roughly 25$ for international stuff and 5$ for domestic stuff. So perhaps if you sent me a private message on etsy, we could work something out that doesn’t include insuring/tracking the drawing, so it could be cheaper. But that’s your call!

Jul 21 at 10:20PM
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Anonymous: Not only have you drawn Nico, but I'm listening to that song very loud. Yeah, you just made my day.

Twenty One Pilots sound best when blaring at top volume and screaming along with the words. you always feel better afterwards. u3u

Jul 18 at 01:25AM
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Anonymous: Have you ever cosplayed before and if you were to ever cosplay what things would you want to cosplay as?

hmmm well, i was Marceline from Adventure Time one Halloween, but that wasn’t really cosplay…. hm. 

i mean, i have blue hair now. i guess i could be Tonks. omg that would be fun. 

Jul 18 at 01:23AM
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Anonymous: Are you going to do the Percy Jackson Shipweeks?

i don’t think so. i’ve been steamrolled by harry potter updates and new seasons of silly anime shows. oops.

Jul 18 at 01:20AM
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Anonymous: Do you do much with charcoal? Got any information or tips for someone who sucks at using charcoal?

i do! it’s great to practice with honestly. 

and don’t beat yourself up, it’s a super tricky medium. it’s a challenge for everyone at first.

  • you’ll wanna draw loosely with charcoal, don’t get caught up in the itty bitty details too fast.
  • don’t worry about getting dirty- you’ll be covered in charcoal and that’s alright.
  • in order to not smudge your drawing with your drawing hand, you can use a spare sheet of scratch paper. you lay that under your drawing hand while you’re working on another part of the drawing, and voila! no smudges.
  • also, you’re gonna want one of these, and maybe one of thesethe thin eraser will help you get the finer parts of your drawing detailed, AND it’ll let you work reductively (for example, covering your whole paper in charcoal and then using the eraser to draw. it’s a fresh way to look at negative space.) the chamois will help you smooth out mistakes, charcoal is pretty forgiving that way. 
  • chiaroscuro. look it up. play with value!