Curious about something?
if you're here, you probably have a question. so go ahead, i'm here to answer your questions! be patient with me and make sure to read my F.A.Q. c:
Anonymous: so i've been following you for several years now and i remember in like 2010 you were asked something about gay rights and you admitted to not supporting it; i think this was religion-based? how do you think that version of yourself would react to the current you? you who occasionally posts gay porn to her nsfw blog? :) i don't intend this as an insult; i am continually impressed by your personal growth, maturity, and effort towards self-education over the past four years.

don’t worry, i don’t see it as an insult! it’s a strange (but mostly good) feeling, to not know someone yet still value their approval. 

and yeah, man, a small part of me wants to go through all that old stuff i used to post and delete all the shitty things i did/said. but, after i stop cringing at the memory, i tell myself that it’s a good reminder… a reminder that i owe a lot to the people who reached out to me when they had no obligation to, who forced me to reassess my beliefs, who didn’t take my crap. a reminder that people can change their minds, that people can grow up (if they’re willing to). i can’t let myself fall back on excuses the way i used to, so confronting how i used to be and not ignoring it… keeps me grounded, i guess.

in regards to your question- i think the past version of myself would experience a lot of confusion to see me now. but i also think a part of me knew that what the church was doing, in forbidding two people from loving one another fully or in forbidding people from physically realizing their unique identities, felt fundamentally wrong. like, i trust my instinct for the most part… even if i come off as neutral sometimes, since it’s hard for me to take a side. it’s an annoying weakness of mine, where i sit on the fence and see the merit in both sides of an argument. 

i’m working on it though. i still need to be better if i’m going to use my influence properly, i’m still learning. but it’s nothing compared to the battle that the MOGAI community continuously fights. 

(thanks, ur message was actually nice to receive c:)

Aug 26 at 03:41PM
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Anonymous: hi! i recently remembered the song My Apologies by Isbells and i was kinda sure you either reblogged it or linked it with a drawing so i looked through your entire art tag (whoops) but i cant seem to find it? im just asking whether you ever had it on your blog because i feel incomplete not knowing. thank you!

i did link it on my blog actually! it’s on this post, with sketches of Harry and Ginny. that song is on my hinny playlist bc it always reminds me of them after the war. <3

Anonymous: hey burdge...I know you're a very busy person, so this might be a silly request, but I was wondering if you could draw me something? I just had an awful first day of junior year... it doesn't necessarily have to be specific. it could be royai, harry and ginny booping noses, soul and maka, anything really. i just needed something to cheer me up. if you're too busy, I totally understand. i don't want this to sound too selfish. I hope you're having a better day than I am <3

aw, i’m sorry you had a bad day, anon. here’s some young royai from my drafts??

chin up, buttercup. i know school can suck really bad, but you can channel these two and their ~can-do attitudes~ to get through it. 

Aug 25 at 07:54PM
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Anonymous: i would love to see phone cases of your tessellate series and also that one watercolor with the two people in blue with brown cloth wrapped around them. best of luck in selling your artwork! ^-^

working on cleaning those up to be prints! c:

Aug 25 at 07:08PM
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Anonymous: I'm a big fan of yours and I was wondering if you had considered putting some of your Percy Jackson art that is available as an art print on your society6 page and making it available as a tote bag, pillow, or t-shirt. i would be very interested in the ones called "light outside" and "privacy" they are my favorite pieces of Percy Jackson art and i would love to support you and carry around a beautiful and functional piece of your art. :)

aww oh my goodness, thank you! what a wonderful way to put it. uvu

i’ll do what i can! those particular pieces you mentioned are pretty old so i only have low quality images of them. i should warn you that they won’t be too… sharp, when printed on a pillow or a t-shirt.

i’ll definitely put more recent pjo stuff up though! 

Aug 25 at 01:11PM
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Anonymous: I'm curious, and there's no problem if you answer yes, but would you say that you like anime more than your other interests now, like Percy Jackson and Harry Potter?

have you seen all the harry potter stuff i’ve been drawing lately?

the polite answer is no, i don’t think so. most of the work i post on my blog is done for myself, which means you can see that i go through phases. so it’s not that i like one thing more, but that my focus has shifted. 

if i were getting paid to, i would draw percy jackson on the regular. but that’s not my job, so i’d rather do it when the inspiration hits me. 

Aug 24 at 09:37PM
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Anonymous: I just checked your society6 page and I have an INTENSE DESIRE FOR THE PHONE SKIN WITH HOUTAROU AND ERU. I JUST WANTED YOU TO KNOW. (Also you are like the coolest person ever and your art never fails to make me happy.) Have a nice day :)

OMG i’ll make that available! thank you!!

Aug 24 at 06:17PM
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Anonymous: Sorry to bug you. but on society 6 your drawing of soul and maka on the iPhone case, the camera hole cuts off all of souls head, so you might want to move the drawing down a tiny bit. Sorry to bug you just thought you should know just incase you want to fix that

no it’s ok! i’m actually fixing that today haha. i noticed as i was editing some of the products. thank you!

Aug 24 at 01:49PM
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Anonymous: i'm such a dolt, the entire time i've been following you I read your username as budgie, like a bird. anyways, ilu have a nice day

heheh that’s kinda cute

Aug 24 at 01:49PM
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Anonymous: Hello! Firstly, I want to thank you for inspiring me, and to compliment your wonderful art that only improves with time! Secondly, I need advice- I hope to study art proffesionally in the future but I can't seem to do big progects. So I have a truckload of sketches of all kinds but lack in finished full projects I realize I'll have to have more finished work if I wish to get accepted, so I was hoping you could give me advice how to sit down and finish things? please help and thank you!

thank you!!

and well, sorry to tell you this, but it’s all about motivation and work ethic. i know you can do it if you sit down and pick a project to finish! it doesn’t have to be in one sitting, give yourself an hour every day to work on ONE project until it’s all done. only that one. 

it’ll be very rewarding in the end, i promise. then you can move on to the next one. 

i learned at university, that sometimes you gotta work without inspiration when you’ve got a deadline. so i’m no stranger to forcing yourself into finishing a project. the only real difficult part is getting to work, then everything just flows once you make yourself start it again.