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Hi! I don't know if you got the information about this or posted it online already and I missed it, but did you find out what time the reception for your art exhibition is going to be held? Sorry to be a bother, I just haven't been able to stop thinking about this art exhibition ever since you posted about it last week. May ninth cannot come soon enough! from ilovesmellymarkers

really??? omg i’m so excited ahhh

and i did find out! you’re not a bother, i should’ve posted the time as soon as i knew. the closing reception is from 7 to 9 on that Friday evening! i can’t wait to see who can make it <333

Oh how I wish I was in the Dallas are next week. You're art is incredible, I would love to see it in person some day. Hope you take lots of pictures for all of us who aren't fortunate enough to be there :) from Anonymous

of course i will!! and i wish you could come too! thank you so much uvu

Hi. I know you're tagging all your POC Harry posts as racebending because of all the messages you got, but I just wanted to let you know that doing that is really problematic. It's racebending if a character who is specified to be white is portrayed as another, but that isn't the case here. It's cool if some readers imagine Harry as white, but that isn't stated anywhere in the books so he can be any race. Calling that racebending suggests that white is always the default. from Anonymous

hm ok i’m at a loss at what to do at this point…

i think i’m trying too hard to please everyone, and that’s just not possible.


How do you draw emotions and people interacting so well? Everything you make is just so pretty, do you look at references, and if not, do you have any tips on how to draw like that? from deenomilk

oh dude, thank you!! and i do use references!! i think it’s also because i’m a creep with how often i just watch people for reference. it’s good to see people in action, doing things that you want to draw. 

and tips to draw like that… well, you know how ben franklin said that real insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? well, you gotta practice constantly, but in a way that broadens your experience and understanding of art. draw all the time, but learn and improve while you do! you can take classes, or work with different mediums, or different subjects. just make sure you don’t get stagnant, and you’ll make art you’re proud of.

Well your ask blog is currently a poc Harry war zone but that's not why I came here now I feel like I should input but like tbh it's your world and you can portray him however you want! But now the reason I came here. I was gonna ask if you have any recommendations for art block? I know you've mentioned it in the past but I've had rly bad art block of late and I would really like to know things you'd suggest to kick the block from sassy-annabeth

haha yeaaah, it kinda took over this ask blog didn’t it

ok well, the solutions to a block are different for everyone, i’ve noticed. some people need to walk away from their art for a little while- to take a break creatively, so that their frustration doesn’t pour over into their work. i’ve done this before- when you get all cramped inside your own head, and nothing is coming out right. you need to remove yourself from that bad head space, and come back to it once you’ve chilled out. i would de-stress by leaving the studio to watch a movie or hang out with friends or re-read a favorite book. 

and sometimes, you just need to take a big breath, let out the tension in your back and neck, and then switch it up creatively. if you usually work in digital media, try opening a sketchbook and sketch with pastels or ink. if you’re always using pencils, try making a collage. if you’re always drawing people in head shots, switch to experimenting with color in backgrounds with photoshop. sometimes you need a push in another direction, something new to challenge you. 

and always, ALWAYS use references!!! they are your best friend!!!!

hope this helps? i dunno, art blocks suck, but they pass. as long as you know yourself and your own limits, you can usually find the right way to push past those limits. 




okay so, super valid points! i know i can’t argue with you on a lot of it, because you have a solid background in the subject. i agree that if it were truly a part of canon, it should have been explored further. it’s unfortunate that we’re expected to assume Harry’s white (which i’m guilty of from the start), but i suppose an exception would be kind of a stretch… sidenote: pretty sure that red hair is possible in other races? but i digress. 

out of respect, i can tag those posts as racebends from now on. really sorry that i made you uncomfortable!

Ok ok I am also a PoC who is British and whilst your points on being Indian are something I can’t speak for, I feel the name point and the red hair point are not in ANY way valid excuses to say ‘X MUST BE WHITE’. I know plenty of people who are PoC (this includes Indian!) with western surnames, particularly if they are mixed (with a white dad and a PoC mum). People of colour can most definitely also have red hair. Jo might have imagined him as white, but readers are free to interpret an ambiguous description and if that makes you uncomfortable that someone chooses not to portray a certain character as not white, try and think about why. (That’s not directed at OP, just at people in general) Also, whilst my family background is not Indian I am East Asian and I feel like you are in a sense trying to speak on behalf of all ‘South East Asians,’ which makes me sort of uncomfortable and isn’t right. But I do agree on the fact that people should be sure to do their research before portraying PoC etc etc and Jo should definitely have done a better job with context and her PoC in general.

Yikes, I feel like the biggest point of all was missed here. Harry Potter takes place in a community that…doesn’t really exist. There are so many real-world discrepancies that it’s stupid (in my opinion) to try to make Harry Potter fit into some historically/racially accurate schema. I mean, IF we are going to open up this box, we have to consider…

1) The wizards celebrate Christmas. Considering that witchcraft and sorcery are heavily rejected by the Christian communities of the western world, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense that these witches and wizards still go along with Jesus’ birth and Resurrection and religious holidays in this vein in general. I don’t think any of the characters went to church or showed any sign of being religious. But Christmas!!!!!! Ok sure, anyone can celebrate it and it doesn’t really matter anymore…but we’re talking about a whole community of people who exchange gifts and do all the traditional things that are probably invented by muggles. We could argue about whether or not Christmas is a muggle tradition, but the fact is…we can’t really know because none of this really exists. 

2)  The wizarding community relies on a money system that NO one else uses (a pretty silly move considering the rest of the world outnumbers you by a lot). Who is to say an Indian Harry Potter didn’t come from old money? It’s wizard money. They use freaking gold. They travel by broom or apparition. They don’t need to wait for trade routes to become established by sea. They don’t invest in muggle banks or wear muggle clothes and they probably don’t fight in muggle wars. Their whole history is pretty much up for the re-writing. 

I do think Harry Potter was written with the intention of being white, but it REALLY doesn’t matter or change the story if he is portrayed as a PoC. Harry Potter’s world is connected to a different history and community than ours. We can’t apply our real-world politics to his. If we did, let’s face it…some of those wizards are totally working for Hydra.