Curious about something?
if you're here, you probably have a question. so go ahead, i'm here to answer your questions! be patient with me and make sure to read my F.A.Q. c:
Oct 18 at 01:30AM
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ahhhHHHH you can use the tag “burdge”- i check that pretty regularly!!

Oct 16 at 05:24PM
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Anonymous: I used to like you, then I realised you're homophobic :L

i definitely used to be, but that was years ago. i apologized because i was wrong and i hurt people. (not that anyone owes me forgiveness, you’re allowed to not like me for things i said and did in the past. my apology doesn’t erase who i used to be, no matter how much i want to take back all the crap i pulled.)

besides, not that it validates me or anything, but i’ve drawn quite a few things that sorta negate your claim here. not to mention the things i reblog in support. but it’s not your job to keep track of all that. 

Oct 14 at 03:50PM
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Anonymous: do u have any advice about being more confident with sharing art?


fake it til you make it?

no lol that’s terrible. i think if you have doubts, just keep working on improving until you feel comfortable sharing with a close friend or a small group of peers. take baby steps. 

Oct 14 at 03:48PM
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Anonymous: have you read the kane chronicles? How come you never draw the characters? Not trying to be mean or anything just curious.

never felt compelled to read that series /shrug

Oct 14 at 03:47PM
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Anonymous: Have you ever been to Prague?

yes!!!!! it’s like my favorite city in the world. (well, so far)

Anonymous: it is true that your anime drawings don't really have japanese attributes and most of them look western

i’ll let you decide

Oct 14 at 03:44PM
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Anonymous: What art app?


Oct 14 at 03:41PM
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Anonymous: What's the pass to 'spookyburdge' ?

ahhh i don’t even know it lol i just deleted the url after last halloween so it’s probably empty oops

Oct 14 at 03:37PM
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Anonymous: Listen to Josh Garrels, Burdge. He's really good, and reminds me you

i’m listening to him now and he’s really good!!! thank you <3

Oct 14 at 03:37PM
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Anonymous: How did u learn how to draw eyes and head shapes so well?! I really have trouble with those and any tips would be appreciated!